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Linden Clover

San Luis Obispo, CA
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Once upon a time, there were two girlboss photographers who didn't know what they were missing until one fateful day when they broke out of their "social media media friendship" for what would be the first of MANY coffee dates. In a world that is constantly pitting us against one another, you NEED a creative soul-mate — someone you can bounce ideas off of, someone to challenge you, someone who understands that part of your life in a way no one else ever will. Linden Clover was officially born in 2014 when we decided that our careers and work had the potential to be elevated to a whole other level -- by JOINING FORCES. Why shoot weddings alone, when we could do it TOGETHER? Why host photography workshops solo, when you could do it with your best friend? We are dreamers, sun-chasers & hopeless romantics. We believe in community, love & light. We enjoy road trips, good wine & Taylor Swift. We capture real love, raw moments & true stories. We are Lindsey & Sarah, and together we are Linden Clover.